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2009 - 2010


Itineraries: In these kosher tours you can travel to many destinations and still enjoy that special atmosphere required by the observant Jewish Traveler. The tours cater to an English-speaking population while at the same time providing you with kosher cuisine and the special atmosphere of the local Jewish communities combined with Shabbat services in local synagogues.  Itineraries are planned so that traveling is not done on Shabbat or Holidays. If traveling must be done of Friday, it is planned to arrive at least a few hours before Shabbat.

Meals: In the USA all kosher food is under recognized supervision. In Europe we rely on the supervision of the local Orthodox Rabbinate in each city. Periodic investigations are conducted as to the schechita, restaurant managers, hashgacha, etc. This information is provided to our knowledgeable and experienced tour director, who will be able to answer questions on kashrut. We offer the strictest glatt kosher meals anywhere in the travel industry. This is not ‘kosher style’ meals. Knowing and understanding the uncompromising requirements of the kosher consumer, our kosher tour operators have established and cultivated relationships with many of the top glatt kosher caterers across the globe.

Hotels: Depending on tours (deluxe or first class), accommodations in superior first class/deluxe or first class/selected tourist class hotels, double occupancy with private bath or shower. For Shabbat hotels chosen located within walking distance of the synagogue and a kosher restaurant.  The tour operator will also try to select rooms on the lower floors.


All Jewish Heritage Tours focus on the rich and inspiring Jewish traditions of Eastern Europe, on the gone but not forgotten world of the "Shtetl", on the scholastic heritage of the many Yeshivas and centers of Rabbinic learning and on meetings with the Jewish communities still surviving in these historic areas.   In addition, we can arrange special visits for groups or individuals to places of familiar interest as part of our "Routes to Roots" program. Jewish Heritage Tours offers personalized tours for individuals, groups and study missions on request.

China & Hong Kong
August 17- September 3 ,2009
October 12- October 29 ,2009

Switzerland 26-August 3, 2010

Enchanting Italy
July 25-August 5, 2010
August 15-26, 2010

Central Europe Jewish Heritage August 8-19, 2010.

Moroccan Encounter
June 16-24, 2010
October 10-21, 2010

Iberian Fiesta, Shabbat in Gibraltar

June16-24, 2010
July 25-Aug 5, 2010
October 10-21, 2010

Jewels of Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg, July 26-August 5, 2010


Canadian Rockies (inquire for dates)


US National Parks, July 10-19 on request

US West Coast tour on request


  If you do not see the tour which fits your dates or interested in another destination, check our Private and Custom tours


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