Jewish Barcelona with insider

Jewish sites in Barcelona for land and cruise passengers

Suggested itinerary

Downtown (an easy walk)

1- Walk along the streets of the Old Jewish quarter from the Middle Ages with Jewish guide/historian/architect, member of Barcelona's Jewish community . Revisit our past as we visit the remains of the Middle Ages synagogue restored as a small Museum, an Information Center, and see other elements on the way.

Optional stop at Call Barcelona wines & books, where you can find local souvenirs, judaica and music On Montju├»c (this part requires transportation which can be arranged or take taxi with the guide)

2- Shoah Memorial (dedicated 1995) a very special landscaped site

3- Stop at the site of the old cemetery, declared a landmark on June 2 - 2009

Though the site had been subdivided and landscaped and it does not like a cemetery today, it is the right place to talk about its history and the efforts to protect it.

Program A) Walk in the Jewish Quarter, part 1 described above, approx. 2,5 hours starting near the Jewish Quarter (Barrio Gotico)

Program B) Jewish sites in Barcelona, parts 1, 2 & 3 described above approx. half day long starting at the hotel ending downtown transportation used half the time.

Other services can be arranged in Barcelona:

  • Jewish Cultural Performances (subject to schedule and availability)
  • Shabbat Services
  • Kosher meals 
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvahs