Lapland – 2017

Thursday, Feb. 09


1830 Meet in the hotel lobby. Mincha at the Shul followed by dinner.

Friday, Feb. 10

0745 Shacharit
0830 Breakfast – pick up packed lunches after breakfast
0945 Depart hotel for tour of Helsinki. Estimated arrival time back at the hotel :1400.
1615 Meet in the lobby to light candles in the shul at 1624.
1700 Kabbalat Shabbat followed by dinner

Shabbat, Feb. 11
Breakfast at the hotel is included. Those of you who want coffee or tea can do so before Shul.

0900 Shacharit
There is a Kiddush after davening. We will eat lunch after the Kiddush and then daven Mincha.

1530 Weather permitting we will go on a short walking tour in the vicinity of the hotel.

1630 Seuda Shlishit followed by Maariv and Havdala.
1753 Shabbat ends.
1830 Depart for airport
2045 Flight to Rovaniemi
2300 Arrival at the hotel……Hot soup and to bed.

Sunday, Feb. 12

0700 Shacharit(Mincha and Maariv will be at different times every day)
0730 Breakfast
0855 Meet in the lobby. Go to Safartica(across the street) to get outfitted for the week/
0930 Arctic Day along the Reindeer s Path.
1200 Back at the hotel for lunch
1300 Depart for an afternoon at the Ranua Zoo – the northernmost Zoo in the World.
1830 Dinner

Monday, Feb. 13

0700 Shacharit
0745 Breakfast…..Prepare your own packed lunches.
0900 Depart for an Ice-Fishing Safari on Snowmobiles. Be prepared for the ride of a lifetime.
We will be eating our lunch during the Safari.
1400 Arrival back at the hotel.
1830 Dinner
1945 Northern Lights Snowmobile Safari. Keep your fingers – you know what – and hope we can view one of the true wonders of nature.
2300 Arrival back at the hotel.

Tuesday, Feb. 14

Since the Ice Breaker departs promptly at 0900, and we have to arrive there by 0830, and the drive is approximately one and a half hours, our itinerary for this morning will be as follows:
0600 Breakfast.. prepare your packed lunches.
0700 Depart from the hotel
We will be davening on the bus. Please remember to take your Tefillin etc.
I will make sure to bring the Sefer Torah on the bus so that we can layne.
0900 Sampo, the ice breaker departs.
1300 Sampo returns to port and we proceed to the Snow Castle and Hotel for a fascinating tour.
1600 Arrival back at the hotel
1830 Dinner

Wednesday, Feb. 15

0635 Psukei DeZimra
0649 Earliest time to put on Tefillin…..Barchu.
0730 Breakfast
0830 Pick up from the hotel.
We will be dividing into 2 groups for the Husky Dogs Adventure. We do this in order to maximize this wonderful experience. Too many sleds tend to cause traffic jams and delays.
Each group will be with the dogs for 2 hours. When one group is on the sleds the other group will be visiting Santa Clause Village – the official home of Santa Clause!!!!
1300 Back to the hotel for lunch.
1400 A visit to the Famous Science Museum – the Arktikum. We will have a private, guided tour.
1830 Dinner

Thursday, Feb. 16

Our Guests will be taking 3 flights back to Helsinki today….0545, 0920 and 1405.
Transportation has been arranged for all these departures.
For 0545 Flight…..depart the hotel at 0400.
For 0920 Flight…..depart the hotel at 0745
In order to enable those on the 0920 flight to daven with a minyan…..
0630 Psukie Dezimra
0646 Put on Tefillin and Barchu
Breakfast will be available from 0600
For the 1405 Flight…..depart from the hotel at 1230
A Light Snack at 1130.