Rio de Janeiro Jewish tour, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, the so called Marvelous City, is the capital of Rio de Janeiro State. Second largest city in Brazil, with a population of 5,473,909 inhabitants within the city limits and of 9,796,498 in the metropolitan area (1991 census), it is nevertheless a beach resort, located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean and Guanabara Bay.

Rio is graced by its topography. The city spreads on a 24 kilometer long strip of land, nestled between mountains and sea. There are some 45 kilometers separating downtown Flamengo from far from Recreio, bordered on one side by the blue ocean, on the other by verdant hills. Between them lies a colorful state of mind called “carioca”, relaxed and high-spirited.

2 day tour

Day 1

Jewish Heritage Tour in Rio de Janeiro (6h)

A tour in Rio de Janeiro exclusively of Jewish interest visiting:

  • Grand Temple, the first building made with the purpose of becoming a synagogue in 1932;
  • Jewish Museum, some archeological items and artifacts brought by the immigrants;
  • Yitzchak Rabin memorial square;
  • H-Stern jewelry and Hans Stern belvedere;
  • Synagogue ARI;
  • CIB (Brazilian Israeli Club), a Jewish sports and social club;
  • Kehilat Yaakov, Orthodox Synagogue in Copacabana;
  • Beth-El, Sefaradic Synagogue in Copacabana;
  • Shell Guemilut Chassidim, the oldest Congregation in Rio;
  • Midrash, Jewish Cultural Center in Leblon
  • Chabad Lubavitch synagogue in Leblon;
  • Chaim Weitzman square in Laranjeiras;
  • Jewish schools, monuments and other places of Jewish interest in the city.

Day 02 – Wednesday, Mar 09, 2015

City Tour Sugar Loaf and Corcovado (6h)

Downtown is the business centre of Rio. Here colonial Rio meets modern skyscrapers. Drive along Rio Branco Avenue – a remarkable neighborhood composed of 3 generations of buildings from the 20th century. Amongst the buildings from the turn of the 20th century, the Opera House (Theatro Municipal) is the most magnificent. See Santo Antonio Church, built in the 17th century, as well as the contrast to modern buildings such as Petrobrás headquarters and the modern Metropolitan Cathedral.

You will see Rio's landmark aqueduct, Arcos de Lapa, built in the 18th century and now serving as a bridge for the streetcars connecting downtown to Santa Teresa district, an old residential area.

Next, a drive through Flamengo Park, one of the highlights of this tour, from where you have a privileged view of the top highlight of this tour – the Sugar Loaf. You shall visit this famous 1,200 ft mountain, and we will take you to its summit by cable car. The view overlooking the city of Rio de Janeiro is one of the most spectacular views in the world and one you will never forget.

Proceeding as far as Cosme Velho Station, you will board a cogwheel train (*) for the ride through Tijuca Forest, and up Corcovado Mountain. The train ride takes 20 minutes and is a wonderful opportunity to have a closer look at the forest's lush tropical vegetation and enjoy stunning views of the city and its beaches. Disembarking at the top of Corcovado, you will proceed up the steps that lead to the top lookout, where the towering statue of Christ the Redeemer stands. After appreciating the breathtaking view unfolding below, you will descend by train and pass by some of Rio's beaches.

This is the sample itinerary and modified for each client.