Sicily has enchanted visitors for millennia and now you have the opportunity to discover this magical island with its breathtaking coastline and charming hilltop villages, the magnificent Valley of the Temples and spectacular Mount Etna.

Day 1: Palermo activities include:

Enjoy our first Sicilian Cappuccino
Visit the Jewish quarter of Palermo and start appreciating the Jewish influence on this area
Enjoy a spectacular guided walking tour of Palermo
Explore the colourful and lively Ballarò Market
Visit the Piazza Pretoria and its famous “four corners”
Discover the Via Maqueda, Massimo theatre opera house and Politeama Theatre.

Overnight at the 5* Villa-Igiea Hotel, Palermo

Day 2: Siracusa activities include:

Following our first Sicilian breakfast, Visit Siracusa, where the island of Ortigia joins the mainland through three bridges
Explore Ortigia, walking through the narrow streets of Giudecca, the ancient Jewish Quarter
See the sights of the Synagogue and Mikve, which date back to the 7th century. Discover the magnificent city of Siracusa, once Athens’ main rival Visit to the catacombs of San Giovanni
Observe the crypt of San Marciano, who was killed by the Jews of the city.

Day 3: Agira, Agrigento & Villa Roma, activities include:

We begin our day with a visit to agrigento, home to Sicily’s most fascinating Greek archaeological sites Stroll through the archaeological site with its breathtaking views and temples Explore Agira, the first Sicilian city to mint bronze coinage in the Greek fashion. Discover the Jewish influence in Agira, including where a Synagogue once stood. Admire the magnificent stone portal of the Aron Hakodesh, bearing an ancient Hebrew inscription
Visit Villa Roma, designated as one of 49 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy.

Day 4: Noto, Regusa and Modica, activities include:

Traditional Sicilian breakfast
Visit the southern part of the island starting with a walking tour in the town of Noto. Explore the town of Modica, a UNESCO heritage site
Taste the chocolates Modica is famous for Discover Ragusa, the Sicilian Capital until 1296. Admire the most picturesque towns in Sicily, Ragusa, with its rich history.

Day 5: Mount Etna, activities include: Explore the stunning volcanic Mount Etna. Ascend the volcano by jeeps and cable car
Visit multiple sites on mount Etna, including Rifugio Sapienza at 1,900 meters and Torre Del Filosofo at 2,900 meters. Discover Etna by foot from 2,900 meters, equipped with protective helmets and caving lights. Reach the crater by foot and explore a typical lava cave. Return to our luxurious hotel for Shabbat service and traditional Sicilian meal.

Day 6: Catania

After breakfast we will explore the city of Catania on foot. In Catania, which still exhibits traces of its important Jewish past, we will be taken on a guided tour of the famous Duomo, and Ursino Castle, where two “Menorahs” have been inserted into the castle’s tower. We will regress to our hotel where a traditional Shabbat lunch and service will be held. Guests will then have some free time to explore the city or simply have a Shabbat siesta. Seuda Shlishit will be served at the hotel, prior to the Havdallah service. We will end the day by enjoying a traditional Sicilian Puppet Show.

Day 7: Taurmina, activities include:

Visit the mythical seaside town of Taormina. Enjoy the stunning views from Taurmina of Mount Etna Discover the remains from Taormina’s golden days, including the Greek theatre
Explore the Roman “Naumachiae”, 10th century palazzo, 13th century cathedral and its ancient Abbey. Walk through the Jewish quarter, enjoy last-minute shopping and the streets of Catania

Enjoy a luxurious fair well Gala dinner.

Day 8: Breakfast will be served at our hotel, followed by transport to Catania airport.