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Following the traces of Jews in Sardinia

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Shorashim investigations Ukraine Kosher Group tour

Kosher Group Mission to Ukraine. Experience Shorashim's F... more

Ukraine Jewish Heritage tour

Jewish Travel Agency Jewish Heritage Tour of Ukraine more

Ukraine Military History Trip

Ukraine Military history tour and USSR military infrastru... more

Ukraine Jewish Heritage tours with Sasha Kovalchuk

Following footsteps of your ancestors in Ukraine with Oleksandr (Sasha) Koval... more

Grange Hotel in London offers Shabbat kosher package

We are happy to announce that now we can offer a kosher package in centrally ... more


We are pleased to announce small group tours for 2018, led by Sophia Kulich.T... more

Travvy Award Winner 2016

We are Jewish owned and operated company specializing in customized Jewish itineraries and Holocaust Research. We understand and take care of needs of Jewish traveler. We help them reconnect with their Jewish Heritage, exploring their roots and meet local Jews around the world.

Baltics Travel Agents FAM trip May 2016 - For anyone interested in a lifetime experience to walk the streets of your ancestors and get a deeper knowledge of Jewish history Sophia Kulich is ...

By AK from FL trip to Lithuania

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