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Pesach 2019

This year we offer the following destinations for Pesach 2019 from our trusted Passover providersAll of the hotels ar... more

Kosher winery and accommodations Tuscany, Italy

Kosher winery, accommodations in Tuscany. more

London for Jewish Travelers

In London, there are well over one hundred synagogues in London. There are probably thirty kosher restaurants, two in... more

The Pillar Hotel London

The PIllar Kosher Hotel in Northwest London more

King David 5* Kosher Hotel Prague

Kosher 5* Hotel King David in Prague more

Capri, Italy, Tiberio Palace

Capri, Italy, Tiberio Palace, with kosher restaurant more

Kosher hotel in Dolomites, Italy

Kosher hotel in Alba, Dolomites, Italy more

Kosher package at 5* Waldorf Astoria Trianon Palace, Versailes

5* kosher dining with Michelin star chef at Waldorf Astoria Trianon Palace, Versailles more

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