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Belarus, a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, is known for its Stalinist architecture, grand fortifications and primeval forests. In the modern capital, Minsk, the monumental KGB Headquarters loom over Independence Square, while the Museum of the Great Patriotic War commemorates the country’s role in WWII. The capital is also home to many churches, including the neo-Romanesque Church of Saints Simon and Helena. ~ Wiki

Effective August, 2018, Belarusian government signed the decree that allows 30-day visa free regime in Belarus. Use your chance to enjoy all sides of our wonderful country: unique cities, magnificent national parks, UNESCO and historic highlights, and, of course, hospitable people!

All you need is a passport, health insurance, the amount of 25 $ per day of stay and a strong wish to discover this unique land!

Visa-free regime applies to citizens of 74 countries. Be sure to check the list of such countries here.

You can arrive and fly out of the country ONLY through the National Airport Minsk.

Please note! Visa-free travel does not apply to persons arriving in Belarus by flights from Russia.

Belarus welcomes you many times during the year, but the total time of your stay should not exceed 90 days.

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