Costa Rica private tours and resort stays for Jewish Travelers.

Here is information on kosher packages in Costa Rica.

We create itinerary for Jewish travelers, so they will not travel on shabbat and we are able to provide kosher food with advance notice for our clients who book with us.

Our local suppliers work with 2 kosher caterers in San Jose; one handles meat, the other dairy. Additionally, they work with the kosher kitchens of the Corobici, Intercontinental, and Marriott. Kosher meals are under the supervision of Rabbi Gershon Miletski, Chief Rabbi of the Orthodox Jewish Community in Costa Rica. We have agreements in place with most of the 4 and 5 star properties in Costa Rica to handle our kosher clients.

Process for setting up a kosher trip is as follows:

1. Set up package as we would for any other client based on client’s parameters.

2. Kosher menus are sent to the client. The client selects all meals and then we forward the orders to each caterer.

3. Meals are pre prepared just prior to client arrival, put in foil containers, double wrapped with foil and plastic, stamped with a “kosher” sticker, and stored in our freezers.

4. Meals are shipped to each hotel (in conjunction with client arrival) and stored in hotel freezers.

5. If client has a fixed time schedule for meals, we pre arrange meal times, otherwise, client notifies food & beverage department when meals are to be served.

6. Meals are heated in the double wrapped foil containers by the food and beverage staff and served in the hotel restaurants on plastic plates with plastic utensils.

*Shabbat kit is included in all kosher packages (challah, kosher wine, and candles)

Keep in mind that we can also offer a tour of the Jewish institutions in Costa Rica to any Jewish client and can arrange for clients to attend services at Sharai Zion, the orthodox shul.