Frankfurt information for Jewish travelers

We compiled some information for Jewish Travelers. 

Disclaimer.. We do not guarantee it is up to date. Please do your own diligence to check it.


Westend-Synagoge (Main Synagoge) 
Freiherr-vom-Stein-Str. 30 60323 Frankfurt am Main Nusach: Ashkenaz (orthodoxe) Bet-Hamidrasch Westend (Stible) Altknigstr. 22 60323 Frankfurt am Main Tel: +49(0)69-722770 Nusach: Sfard / Ari-Zal 

Baumweg Synagoge Baumweg 5-7 60316 Frankfurt am Main Nusach: Ashkenaz 

Bet-Hamidrasch Roderbergweg Roderbergweg 29 60314 Frankfurt am Main

Ateret-Zwi Synagoge Bornheimer Landwehr 79b 60385 Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt Airport Synagoge Terminal 1, Section B, Level 2 (Departing) Terminal 2, Section D, Level 3 (Departing, after security check)

Frankfurt has a kosher functioning Mikwe which is mainly open 24 hours a day. If you have questions about the Mikwe, call Rav Klein at: +49-69-751138

Jewish Cemeteries: 1. Old Jewish cemetery (Battonstrasse)  2. Old Jewish cemetery (Rat-Beil-Strasse) 3. New Jewish cemetery (Eckenheimer Landstrasse) Open Sun-Thu 7 am - 5 pm, Fri till 3 pm, Tel: +49-69-561826 Frankfurt Jewish Museums: Jewish Museum Frankfurt, Museum "Judengasse", Anne Frank House,

Kosher Food Shops Frankfurt am Main has two kosher shops, A&L Aviv GmbH and Max Koscher Deli GmbH. Both have about the same products. A&L Aviv is not located in the Jewish Area. Max Koscher Deli is located on Westendstr. 71, 2 minutes foot-walking-distance from the Jewish community center.

A&L Aviv GmbH  Hanauer Landstr. 50 60314 Frankfurt am Main Tel: +49(0)69-433013 Fax: +49(0)69-448064 Web:

MAX KOSCHER DELI Westendstra´┐Że 71 60325 Frankfurt am Main Tel: +49(0)69-74742843 Fax: +49(0)69-74742843 Web:

Restaurant . Frankfurt am Main has one glatt kosher restaurant. It's called "Sohar" after his owner Sohar Gurevitz and it is located in the jewish community center. Sohar serves meat meals throughout the week as well on Shabbat. Please call the restaurant to make arrangements at: +49(0)69-752341 (Fax: +49-69-97405167). The restaurant is supervised by the community Rabbi Menachem HaLevi Klein. The restaurant usually does the catering for the Kiddush in the Main Shul (Westend-Synagoge) on Shabbat day.

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