Florence, Italy Jewish and Renaissance guided tour options

Two separate guided tours of Florence, Italy


The history of the Great Renaissance Artists.

The history of the Great Renaissance Artists The 15th century in Florence: the ‘rebirth’ of the classical ideals of Greek and Roman philosophy and art. Perfection of the form and of the word, the beauty as ultimate concept, the amazing development of art and culture in a city that became unique in the world. The Florentine Genius is a unique Florencetown tour with a specialized tour guide and art/architecture historian to learn about the great artists and masters: Dante, Filippo Brunelleschi, Donatello, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo… We customize private itineraries focusing on the excellence that these masters gave to Florence and to the world. The tour includes entrance to the museums/churches and palazzos where guests can admire the masters’ works.

The oldest history of a Jewish Community.

What was life like for Jewish people in Florence when Botticelli painted the Primavera”? Or at Galileo’s time? And what is life like for Jews in Florence, today? Florencetown has just the perfect person to guide guests through the story of Florence under the Jewish perspective. An art historian of Jewish origin makes Jewish history come alive through her knowledge, stories and by actually taking you to the places where Jewish history was made and is still alive. Guests will have an insider’s view of a Jewish Florence not found in guidebooks. The tour starts from the beautiful Synagogue, the jewish cemetery and Jewish Museum and continues on viewing the city from a jewish aspect, discovering the former ghetto and the first neighborhood.