This perfect time to be thinking about where to visit this upcoming winter and spring.

With it's wealth of natural landscapes, historical treasures, and vibrant human mosaic, Israel has become one of the top tourist destinations for sophisticated clients seeking unique and rich cultural experiences.

Take a look below at some of Israel My Way's updates and our incredible touring experiences (all which took place this past month!), sure to create unforgettable memories anytime of year!

Touring with the Stars
Reggae singer Ziggy Marley, son of the legendary Bob Marley, toured with us recently.  Here he is exploring an Israeli Defense Force military base!

Cross Cultural Tours, Tel Aviv
An eye opening, up close and personal encounter of Tel Aviv's hidden gems. Meet  African refugees of war, study street graffiti, view the designs of Israel's leading fashion designers, and take an inside look into some of Israel's most innovative and promising startup companies.

Cooking and Baking Workshops
One of these fascinating workshops features a peak into traditional Druze cooking in Israel's Galilee, while the other unlocks the secrets of how to make excellent challah bread, set against the backdrop of Israel's Negev Desert.