Following footsteps of your ancestors in Ukraine with Oleksandr (Sasha) Kovalchuk.

Come and experience the specialized Jewish Heritage tours with Oleksandr (Sasha) Kovalchuk, historian/researcher/planner.

Why do you need an expert?

Local Jewish landmarks have been obscured or totally erased. If you do not know where to look you will miss seeing what little does remain in this region. Cemeteries are most often overgrown with vegetation and in some cases newer construction of roads, walls, or buildings by using Jewish Headstones. These locations, for the most part is not known by the current inhabitants. The loss of that generation due to the passage of time make first person accounts of these places more difficult and less reliable. The elderly person that might remember and share what or where these structures once stood have been fading fast.

Specializing in Jewish Heritage and Genealogy tours, but also providing all theme tours in Ukraine, Sasha is our top planner and researcher.He is fluent in English, enthusiastic, and his former military experience (Colonel in Ukrainian Army) helps to execute trips seamlessly as possible.

Outside of Jewish Heritage and locating and visiting specific places people are looking for, Sasha also takes client on best places in the country he clearly loves and likes to show. With him, besides highlights, the clients see other less touristy, but nonetheless important sites, beyond tourist path.

He connects our travelers with locals and provided unforgettable experiences. Many of his clients has beyond the regular request due to their occupation or research requirements and they all speak highly of Sasha.

Some references and samples of Sasha’s tours are below, to get more information and reference, please contact us.

Milt Goldman, USA

My adult daughter, wife and I recently toured the Ukraine from Kiev to Odessa. Our motivation for taking this trip was to see the town in which my father was born and another town in which he lived in the early 1900's. We contacted Sasha and asked him to help arrange the trip. The amount of research Sasha did was incredible. Prior to our arrival Sasha visited the towns and searched for records, buildings and other items that would be significant to us - he found the mill my great grandfather owned. He also arranged for us to meet with the mayor and have him take us on a tour of the town. Because of the preparation Sasha did the day we drove to the towns was meaningful and we accomplished everything we wanted. After the visit to the towns, Sasha drove us to Odessa and arranged for an excellent tour guide to take us around Odessa. During the time we were in Odessa Sasha call us to make sure everything was going well. When we returned to Kiev Sasha met us at the airport. Because we had expressed an interest in seeing what life was like in Kiev Sasha took us to several sites that tourists do not see, e.g., the market he family shops in and some of the beaches and amusement parks local frequent and invited to us dinner at his house. The dinner was one of the highlights of the trip. His family is incredibly nice, and his wife is an incredible chef. The next day Sasha took us on a tour of Kiev. His knowledge of Kiev and its history is astounding. When we compared our experience with other tourists it was obvious our tour with Sasha was far superior. I highly recommend Sasha. Sasha's caring, desire and ability to do provide with us an excellent tour make it easy for us to recommend him.

Reena and Stuart Davis, USA

Both of us think of you and your family and remember the excellent tour service you provided. We have never had a better tour guide experience. We still remember all the research you did which allowed us to see parts of your country that few US tourists experience. Two days ago, while watching TV. we saw one of the burial sites and small synagogues you took us to. It is heavily visited by very observant disciples, mainly from Israel.

Dr Sean Loughna, Ukraine

Advisor to the Minister for temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons of Ukraine.

Samara Pierce, UK, the writer.

I first met Sasha in 2012. I wanted to come to Ukraine to do some research for my degree but without speaking the language I needed help. Sasha was amazing, he has an excellent understanding of the English language, extremely knowledgeable of the history of his country and is a very kind and considerate person.

Because of the extensive help and knowledge from Sasha, I got a 1st for my writing on Russian history and art work in my final year.

When returning to Ukraine this year 2018, Sasha got me in touch with everyone I wanted to meet, has helped further my art work and was instrumental in getting me an exhibition at the Holodomor museum, Kiev. I cannot recommend his services enough to anyone wishing to visit Kiev.

Elaine Elinson, USA

Thanks to Sophia’s Travel we were able to explore the Ukrainian shtetl of Pavelitch where my grandmother lived, to walk among the birch trees she described and even to see the flourmill by the river where her father worked more than a century ago.This little village is even hard to find on a map – but the guide that Sophie arranged for us, Sasha, Alexander Kovalchuk– not only found it but also researched the shtetl and made contacts for us before we arrived.

Sasha also gave us a wonderful tour of Kiev, with a special focus on Jewish history.His presentation about Babi Yar – starting from the site where the Nazis put posters on the wall ordering the Jews to report to a certain intersection, to a walk from that intersection up the hill, to the ravines where they were gunned down – was so detailed and moving.That journey to Babi Yar is still seared in our memory.

Sasha is extremely reliable, fluent in English, Ukrainian and Russian, and knows Kiev like the back of his hand.He was generous with his time and let us know that he was always available to us by phone or text if we had additional questions or needed advice (like how to get around on the Metro or what Dnepr cruise to take!).

BBYO Jewish Organization group, USA

Sasha arranged for youth group in June 2018, a cultural and volunteer trip to Kiev, Zaporozhe and Dnipro. Their leader feedback: “everything was great, and they’d recommend you guys and using you again when they go next year!! “

Linda Gibbs, 4 people from USA

Words can hardly express the experience we had in our ancestral town. Sasha was the most wonderful guide we could have hoped for. He was so knowledgeable, organized, efficient, and considerate of our needs. The preparations he made for our visit to Granov far exceeded our expectations. Due to his groundwork and the town's welcoming community, we were received like royalty. It is a day none of us will ever forget.

Sasha not only taught us much about Kiev and the Ukraine and was a superb translator but cried with us as we entered the town square and were overwhelmed by the greeting that awaited us. He wept with us at Baby Yar. He made the history of what we were seeing come alive.

I could go on and on but that will have to suffice for now as I am busy getting my life back on track and wanting to commit to written memory this extraordinary experience.

Thank you so much for aligning our group with Sasha and for truly helping give us a trip of a lifetime.

Rhonda Miller, 4 people, USA

I have been late in telling you that our trip to Kiev, Granov, Gaisin,Teplick, and Uman was beyond fabulous. I am so grateful that Linda "found" you and that you arranged for Sasha to be our guide. Sasha was incredibly proactive in making previsit arrangements in the various towns which made our touring so personal and simply amazing. I have visited other shtetls in other countries and did not have as an intense experience as this one. Granov, as you know, was particularly unique...the reception we had was well beyond anything I could have hoped for. Even more special, is that I am still in communication with the town leaders. This trip was the gift that keeps giving.

Judy Shapiro, Canada

We just arrived home today from our Ukraine adventure and I wanted to thank you for your help in making our trip a success.

But mostly I want to sing Sasha’s praises. He is an excellent guide! We very much enjoyed his company, his breadth of knowledge, general enthusiasm and passion for his country. All the arrangements he made were good and he took excellent care of us!

I wouldn’t hesitate to give a reference for Sasha if you have other clients wanting to book with him. He is organized, knowledgeable, good-natured and fun to be with.