Kosher B&B Venice, Giardino dei Melograni

Basically all hotels in Cannaregio (Jewish ghetto) are suitable for Jewish travelers since it is a walking distance from Chabad and kosher restaurant Gam Gam and kosher stores.

There is one kosher guesthouse though, Giardino dei Melgrani but it is small and must be booked far in advance.

It is the only kosher residence of the city, ideally located in the oldest and best preserved Jewish Ghetto of Europe, right in front of the Jewish Museum and Synagogues and within walking distance to all the most important tourist and cultural sites and also Santa Lucia train station, the bus station, the cruise ship port and the “vaporetto” (public water bus). 

As a true kosher accommodation, it has an exclusive certification of the Chief Rabbi of the Jewish Community of Venice, Rav Scialom Bahbout.
The Kosher House is provided with all the necessary systems for a strict observance of Kasheruth and of Halacha: Hashgacha on the meals, automated elevators for Shabbat, exclusive night entrance, Mikve. The ghetto area is part of the Eruv.