Kosher winery, accommodations in Tuscany.

This place is an artisanal winery located in the very heart of Tuscany. The winery was opened in 2014, setting up one of the only fully Kosher wineries in the whole of Europe. The idea was to control the winemaking process from the beginning to the end in order to offer the genuine taste of Tuscany with uncompromised quality.

They then broadened its scope and now offer a full Kosher Tuscan experience including hospitality, a farm-to-table restaurant and and a wide array of artisanal farmhouse delicacies like jams, cheese, olive oil and more.

Tuscany is the home of one of the most popular culinary traditions in the world, made of simple but flavorful ingredients. Their aim is to reproduce authentic Tuscan gastronomy, featuring homemade pasta, cheeses and ice creams in order to make it available for the Kosher crowd.

Their meals are thus certified Chalev Israel and Pat Israel. Furthermore, every meal is respectful of the environment and thus prepared with fresh fruits and vegetables sourced from our own garden or neighboring organic farm.

The winery and restaurant are located in an old building dating back to the 1788 that has been fixed up by the descendant of Giuliano, Lara's grandfather who worked her as a farmer for the lord of the town.

The winery is 30 minutes from the Pisa airport and 1 hour drive from Florence.