Morocco Jewish Heritage

Discover through customized private guided tours the Jewish heritage of their family and ancestors through visiting select monuments and memorials, museums and synagogues in Morocco. Our programs and tours focus on all aspects of Judaism in Morocco. It is a way to connecting to a very rich yet almost forgotten part of Moroccan Jewish Heritage. It is also about recovering for and from Morocco a piece of its own culture, dating as for back as 2000 years… Embark on   emotional journey where you will share, understand, and enjoy the uniqueness of Jewish past and present – day life in Morocco.

Morocco is the only country in the Arab World both rich in Jewish history and with a living Jewish community. Both Jewish and non-Jewish travelers have delighted in its ancient walled cities, thriving markets, and sumptuous feasts. With a little effort, the travelers interested in the Jewish heritage of Morocco can discover hundreds of fascinating historical and spiritual sites. A visit to "Jewish" Morocco is a lesson in the potential for Jewish-Muslim coexistence. Only through seeing Morocco through Jewish eyes can one understand the deep attachment of the Moroccan Jewish Diaspora to their homeland. The visitor will truly understand why Morocco is looked upon with nostalgia by its Diaspora Jewish community...

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