Cruise excursions Nessebar, Bulgaria


Situated on a small picturesque peninsula jutting out into the sea Nessebar is one of the few UNESCO World Heritage sights in Bulgaria. Take a sightseeing walking tour to explore few unique Bulgarian churches from all the 40 ones situated on the peninsula built between 11th and 14th C by the wealthy merchants and fishermen, living in the town. One of the oldest sanctuaries is the Basilica built on the coast most probably around the beginning of 5th century. You will visit the Archeological museum and the Church St.Stefan which boasts with colourful wall paintings depicting more than 250 biblical scenes.

Continue with a drive along the Southern coast to reach city of Burgas. Walk in the pedestrian area and pass by the building of the former synagogue, which is housing now the City Art Gallery. 

Your guide will show you the highlights of the town such as “the Compass” which marks the perfect architectural centre of the city, known to the locals as “The Hub”, and the Gramophone - quite imposing, standing at around 2 meters tall it is one of the city symbols and is located at the oldest largo of Burgas. After that you will have some time to explore the pedestrian area at your own pace. 

On your way back to Nessebar visit an orchard garden and a farm which boasts with unique collection of 23 species of peacocks. Started as a hobby the farm became the only one in Europe with such variety of the beautiful birds. The farm is situated amidst a vast orchard garden, where cherry, apricot, peach and apple trees are organically grown. You will have a treat with seasonal fruits, which also you can pick from the tree yourself. On completion of the visit, return to ship.


Start with a drive along the Southern coast to reach city of Burgas. Take a walk in the pedestrian area and see the former synagogue. It is not functioning any more and is now housing the local Art gallery. Nevertheless one can still admire the beautiful architectural style of the building, which will soon celebrate 100-years from its construction.

Continue further inland to arrive at a small rural village and be welcomed in a family home. Once you are here take a glimpse of the the well tended garden and household. You will find a vegetable garden and orchard as well as domestic animals. In one of the corners see authentic agricultural tools used in blacksmithery, vine-growing and wine-making, beekeeping. Don't miss out the highlights in the yard's fully preserved house, build in 1882 and a chapel Sveti Dimitri recently sanctified. 

Enjoy the Bulgarian's favorite snack banitsa and home made cookies. Reboard your coach and have your cameras ready as you will stop for a panoramic view towards Nessebar peninsula. Snap a spectacular picture of this fine landstrip with your ship as a background. On your way back to port get acquainted with the history of Old Nessebar and its medieval churches during a sightseeing tour to explore 6 remaining churches from all the 40 ones, initially built between 11th and 14th C by the wealthy merchants and fishermen, living in the town. 

Walking Information: Moderate. Cobblestone streets in Nessebar