Jewish Panama

Panama City for Jewish Travelers

Travel to Panama for Jewish Travelers.  

With roughly 5,000 Jews, Panama has the largest Central American Jewish Population. Additionally, Panama is a popular destination for backpacking Israelis. So there is no surprise that Panama City is host to several Jewish congregations as well as a kosher supermarket, four Jewish schools and at least seven kosher restaurants. The Chabad movement is the leading Jewish force within Panama but despite their orthodox focus, they are welcoming to all practicing Jews. Rabbi Aaron Laine at Temple Beth El in Panama City is originally from Crown Heights in Brooklyn, and has been in Panama City for the past 15 years when Chabad originally placed him. Security at Temple Beth El is predictably tight but once inside the Rabbi and staff are welcoming. Life goes on much like in any other Jewish community.  

We provide accommodations, transfers and tours. 

Clients can stay on shabbat near synagogue in the city and then go during the week to the beach to stay in beach resorts with many tours activities there.

Some suggestions on places to stay Le Meridien and The Miramar are 100-200 yards away from the main shul, Shevet Ahim, which is the oldest and  most beautiful by far (Syrian-Sephardic/Orthodox). 

The Plaza Paitilla and Decapolis and close to Ahavat Sion (affiliated to Shevet Ahim) and Bet El (Ashkenazi/Orthodox). 

The Trump is close to the Punta Pacifica shul (also affiliated to Shevet Ahim).  

Please note: all synagogue's visit must be approved by local rabbinate. Once approved, you still have to take a copy of your passports to security in the synagogue so they'll let you in.  

For shabbat meals an option, there are two kosher supermarkets and buy already prepared food and salads.  

For our clients whom we arrange travel to Panama, we also assist with restaurant reservations and meeting with Jewish community.