This year we offer 4 destinations in Europe for this Pesach, including the luxurious Kempinski hotel in Venice.

All of the hotels will give a unique holiday experience because of our uncompromising service and high standards:

  • We offer top quality gourmet cuisine. rich royal menu throughout the stay. wide range of dishes, stylishly created desserts, pastries and many other delicacies.
  • Full board- 3 meals a day, tea room, wine & drink bar and other treats throughout the entire day.
  • Special emphasis is placed on maintaining the highest standards of Kashrut! Glatt LeMehadrin, non-Gebrocht, non-Kitniyot, Shmura Matza.
  • At the Seder, Chag and on Shabbat, we celebrate with a royal feast aesthetically served, pleasing to the eye and palette with the best dishes of the traditional Jewish kitchen and atmosphere.
  • Evenings are rich with entertainment .The best artists, fascinating lectures and a full range of activities. (arts & crafts workshops, sport activities, Zumba, poolside activities, family movies, kids shows etc.)
  • Excursions & field trips (surcharge)
  • We are offering you four perfect, strictly kosher Pesach vacations in a league of their own at the most prestigious kosher hotels in Europe.
    • Passover in Barcelona, Spain. - Le Méridien Ra Beach Hotel & Spa
    • Passover in Venice, Italy. San Clemente Palace Kempesky
    • Passover in Crete. Avra Imperial Resort & Spa
    • Passover in Sicily, Italy. Hotel Valtur Portorosa
  • This year Pesach will be for 10 nights from March 29th - 8th April: 13th - 23rd of Nissan.
  • For more information and pricing contact Jewish Travel Agency