Sophia's Travel AKA Jewish Travel Agency is proud to present our Riga, Latvia Jewish Heritage cruise excursion

Riga, Latvia 

Cruise Excursion from Riga port

Meet your guide at the pier at 9:00.

Once called the Paris of the North, Riga (the largest city of the Baltic) is quickly regaining this reputation. With an ice-free port, Riga has been for centuries a crossroads of  trade and also of numerous cultural influences: Swedish, Russian, German. 

This tour will give you a chanc e to get acquainted with Old Riga and it's most famous  architectural monuments: the Freedom Monument - the symbol of Latvia's independence, 13th century St.Peter's Church, the House of the Blackheads, the Dome Square & the Dome Cathedral (with the famous 19th century organ - one of the biggest organs in Europe) and etc. 

Riga is also known for being the capital of Art Nouveau architecture (more than one-third of the buildings in the city centre are Art Nouveau in style), so the part of the tour will be dedicated to exploring the certain buildings in Art Nouveau district. 

A lot of these buildings were designed by Jewish architecture Mikhail Eisenstein.  

Vegetarian or kosher lunch can be arranged.

Tour of Jewish Riga includes the Jewish quarter, the memorial for the burnt Great Synagogue of Riga, visited from outside Peitva Schul, Jewish Museum (closed on Saturday) , the one synagogue to survive the Nazi period which is still in use today and hear how the Torah scrolls were saved.    

Back to port approximately 15:00