Discover the area so vividly depicted in "The Merchant of Venice"

Take an unforgettable private tour of the Venetian Jewish Ghetto, originally founded in 1516, and get a fascinating glimpse into a thriving Jewish community, its history, culture, religious practices, and even food that is rarely explored by tourists.

Discover the legacy of the world's first Jewish ghetto, and see an aspect of Venice that most visitors never see, on this private tour uncovering the history of the lagoon city. Funded in 1516, the area known as the Jewish ghetto (so vividly depicted in Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice), entrances everyone who sets foot in it. Spend time visiting the Synagogue, and get special insight into the ghetto and its religious practices. Learn about two moving memorials lost in World Wars I and II.

Relish on the opportunity to meet the owner of a local kosher bakery, and enjoy a taste of the beautiful lace-like flatbread known as pane azzime, or Venetian matzoh. Interact with the new generation of scholars and devotees who live among the thriving community, and explore the history and customs of this unique spot tucked into a placid corner of Cannaregio.

Get a true taste of Venice on our relaxed evening adventure through the streets and canals of the city’s most historic and atmospheric neighborhood, the Jewish Quarter in Cannaregio. In the company of an expert local guide you’ll explore this beautiful area enjoying a true Venetian experience – cicchetti. A little like the Spanish tradition of tapas, cicchetti involves a number of small local dishes consumed with friends over a glass of wine. On our Jewish Ghetto tour we’ll visit three local bars for food and wine in each, along with a stroll through some of the liveliest and most picturesque areas of this beautiful neighborhood. Away from the main tourist attractions of the city, the Jewish Quarter offers better value and higher quality than much of the rest of Venice, making it a firm favourite among locals. You’ll see this in a more relaxed atmosphere as you explore with your expert local guide (the perfect host for your evening adventure), visiting the bustling outdoor market and spotting all the specialist stores along the way.