We enjoyed our vacation very much. The train to Paris was lovely. I did have a problem with the luggage when we left for Nice. Easy Jet charged me about $500.00 for extra baggage weight!  It would have been the same amount of money to fly Air France. Live and learn!!

The Marignan was nice. Friendly people and a great location.  It went by so fast that I never Had a chance to take the girls to the left bank. Next time. 

The Carlton was fantastic. I would recommend this hotel to everyone.  The hotel was beautiful, The people were very friendly and accommodating. There wasn’t anything that I would complain About my stay there; except the euro!!  It cost about $25.00 for a Belini on the beach. (but worth it). We were able to rent a car and go to San Remo for lunch, Monte Carlo for dinner, and stop off at the Palace in Monaco. I drove to Grasse and stopped in the village of Mougins. I loved it. I felt comfortable and safe. We took a boat over to St Margarite Island and another one to St. Tropez.  The food was delicious everywhere we dined. I was so please that everyone was so friendly and helpful. Can’t wait to book my next trip there. 

My only disappointment was the last night. Leaving the Carlton and taking a taxis to the Negresco cost About $130.00. They charged me 77 euros for a cot; which the Carlton didn’t do. The people were nice.  But I am happy that it was only the night.  I was told that it would cost about 30 euros for the taxi to the Airport; it was another $130.00!!!!!!  I felt that I was being taken advantage of . We would have been better off staying our last night in Cannes.  

Thank you so much for all of your help; especially that it was last minute

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