It was wonderful, we had a great time. We would like to go again. Everything was so perfect! The Hop on hop off bus was not a very good idea but we did part of the tour. It was too cold over there, I guess because it is very humid. The other tour we did not go to was the Windsor Castle, they did not have enough people to go on the tour, but we enjoyed everything anyway. We loved the Portobello Market, I wanted to go there the Saturday we arrived but we got off the airport at 12, no time to go... We went for tea at the Ritz, we had the tour of London with the London Eye, that was a great tour.  Stonehedge and Bath was nice but we had a very cold and rainy day... We loved the Victoria and Albert Museum! We went to other museums as well. The Hotel was fabulous!  (notes from the editor - they stayed in Jury's Kenisghton). Foleys was really nice! I could go on and on. Great trip! We would like to go there again. I told my husband he has to come because he will enjoy it there. The tour of Harry Potter we did with a guy named Mike, he was really nice, went out of his way, showed us a lot of places... really good! Now I can't wait to go there again. 

I felt at home over there! Everyone was really nice!

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